Hi guys

My name is Katie, i'm 17 and I live in the UK. The incredibly dull place which gave the world One Direction. Incase you haven't already guessed, i'm a Larry Stylinson shipper. I'm also a fan on Niam, Ziall and Ziam - but mainly Larry.

Feel free to talk to me about anything and if you send me prompts then I can attempt fanfiction, but don't get your hopes up, they won't be that good. I'm better at reviewing work and giving people constructive criticism in a non-bitchy way. So if you need a beta or you want me to read and review your work then I will, I'll even promote your work for you :)

p.s. I follow everyone


Larry Stylinson. Louis Pregnant. Harry nipples kink. Heard of it?

Can someone help me find this fanfic. It’s a Larry Stylinson M!Preg

Louis becomes pregnant with Harry’s child and Harry has this kink for sucking Louis nipples for the milk (lactation) and loving Louis’ skin (pretty much worshipping a pregnant Louis). This ends up with them having a few kids. I think they also decide to end the band and I think they’re married too but I’m not sure.

It’s a one-shot.

Does anyone know the name of it or even have a link for it?